UK-based publisher System 3 has revealed that the planning permissions for Constructor Plus have been firmly secured, with a release date now scheduled for 15th February.

Bringing all the comedy and sarcasm of the original along for the ride (as well as its real-time strategy construction sim gameplay, of course), Constructor Plus arrives on Switch with new buildings, new undesirables, new game modes, and even new planets. To be specific, last year's Constructor HD had 43 buildings, Constructor Plus has 139; HD had five worlds compared to the 17 featured in Plus; and the game now has 65 new levels of 'Play' options with pre-built cities for you to expand.

Mark Cale, CEO of System 3, has said the following in a press release today:

“We’re really happy to be bringing this long-awaited sequel to both our loyal community and a whole new generation of players. The amount of content on offer is unprecedented in the decades-long history of the franchise – and we didn’t even need to hire any hippies to disrupt the competition.”


As noted above, the game is set to arrive on Switch on 15th February; it'll arrive as a paid-for update on other platforms from the 28th.

Are you a fan of Constructor's management sim gameplay? Will you picking this one up next month? Tell us below.