Despite having now owned the game for several days - and having beaten up more innocent Jigglypuff than we care to admit in that time - we still find ourselves occasionally reminiscing over that wonderful World of Light trailer. It's hard not to fall in love with a video depicting so many of our beloved childhood characters, even if most of them do end up getting brutally dissolved in the process.

What if Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had released years ago, though? Not for Nintendo Switch, but for the Game Boy Color? Well, the video up above shows a demake mock-up of the trailer as if it were for that very system, presented by the folks over at Nintendo Wire. From the little dialogue boxes to the retro bleeps and bloops, we'd certainly be up for playing the game on our trusty old handheld machines after seeing this.

Should we start some kind of angry, online petition to demand the game be ported to Game Boy Color now, as seems to be the norm these days? Or perhaps we should simply sit back and dream about what might have been? Let us know your thoughts on the video in the comments below.