Update: The product has now also appeared for pre-order on Play-Asia for £37.06. Shipping is expected to commence in February 2019.

Original Article: Since its reveal in September, all signs have pointed towards the idea that World of Final Fantasy MAXIMA would be a digital-only release on Switch. Rumours started to circulate in October when physical editions for the Xbox One appeared with no Switch version in sight, and there were still no physical copies available when it finally launched last month.

As it turns out, though, Square Enix has now reportedly revealed a later-than-expected physical release on Switch. The news comes from the folks at NintendoSoup, who mention that "there will be no physical release in North America, Europe, and Japan", with the physical copy instead being released exclusively in Southeast Asia. The situation gets more and more strange every time we hear about it.

The site also happens to be offering pre-orders for the game worldwide, with international shipping expected to commence in February 2019. You'll have to hand over $59.99 of your hard-earned cash to get it (as opposed to the digital version's $39.99 asking price), but you can find it right here if you're interested.

Image: NintendoSoup

Despite being sold only in Southeast Asia, the game supports English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, German, and Spanish and is region free.

Were you hoping to snag a physical copy of this one? Are you happy sticking with the cheaper digital copy? Let us know your thoughts below.

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