If the trailer above reminds you of the Dark Souls series by Bandai Namco, that's because it's basically the unofficial mobile equivalent. Originally released across multiple smartphone digital stores last year for a small sum, Animus: Stand Alone by Tenbirds is now making its way across to the Nintendo Switch.

According to existing reviews, it brings together the best of the Dark Souls series and transforms it into the perfect package for the mobile platform. This is also Tenbirds' first time it has developed a game for a console platform before. Here's the full statement the company provided alongside the eShop release date announcement:

This is our first foray into dedicated game consoles, so we are very anxious and super nervous. It took our team a long time, dedication and hard work, and overcoming unforeseen difficulties, and constant changes to get to this point. We send many thanks to all of the players for asking us to get this to the Nintendo Switch and for the encouragement...Stand Alone should be a great pick-up-and-go type of game for players looking for something similar. Thank you.

In terms of the backstory for this hardcore action RPG experience, it's set in a broken world where humanity has been destroyed and disorder, death and silence have taken over. Of course, it's your responsibility to slay everything in sight. The game is due to arrive on the Japanese Switch eShop on 6th December. Here in the west, Europe will receive it on 24th December and in America it will be made available next year on 3rd January.

Is this cheaper alternative to Dark Souls a game you would consider? Would you like to see more mobile games released on the Switch? Tell us below.

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