Sonic poster 2

You saw the poster reveal for the Sonic movie, right? You then proceeded to be, at the very least, mildly put-off and disappointed, correct? Well, you're absolutely not alone, as countless comments from angry Sonic fans have been bouncing around the internet ever since.

From his strangely muscular physique to the colouring of his arms and sudden use of shoelaces, Sonic's appearance has immediately rubbed fans the wrong way. In what appears to be a futile attempt at calming everyone down, or perhaps just to provide a gentle reminder that we haven't seen the full picture just yet, one of the movie's writers has popped online with a sweet, simple message.

Since that first poster reveal, two other designs have been circulating around the internet causing equal amounts of concern. At first, it was unclear whether or not these new posters were legit (and the second design with Sonic's face on still hasn't been confirmed to be real) but the image on the left with his toned, furry legs dangling in front of a bridge has since been spotted in the wild.

What are your thoughts on this visual approach to everyone's favourite racing hedgehog? Are you interested to see a full trailer? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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