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One of the more exciting prospects of the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the World of Light mode, partly thanks to that trailer, and partly thanks to it being a whole new element to the game. We all love jumping into the arena for a good ol' smash session - ahem - but this new mode looks set to add some dramatic, yet optional, changes to certain aspects of the game.

Of course, we'll have a better understanding of how this one plays out when the game launches this Friday but, until then, let's see what Nintendo has to say about the mode. Speaking about its impressive cinematics, Nintendo Treehouse's JC Rodrigo has revealed that the whole thing is more about the "loot grind" and unlocking of characters, rather than being a dramatic spectacle throughout.

You will see some [cutscenes], but it’s really more on focusing on the loot grind, and that flow of getting Spirits. It’s more about the matches and the way of collecting stuff you have an affinity for – a certain IP or franchise you love and you’re just like, ‘I really need this!’ It’s more about that than anything else, but you may see a couple here and there.”

We understand his point, too; we recently managed to have a quick hands-on with the mode (as seen in the video below) and the thing that really grabbed our attention was the ability to jump into battles against our favourite characters in great little scenarios. Collecting every last goodie along the way seems like it should be great fun.

Are you rocking back and forth in anticipation for Smash Ultimate? Or are you perhaps fed up with everyone talking about it, patiently waiting for it to be out and done with? Let us know below.