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For most of 2018, we've heard about how Niantic's AR mobile game Pokémon GO has been making a lot of money. It's all tied to the spending habits of users - with millions of dollars being spent on the game each month. So just how well has the mobile sensation performed this year?

According to mobile data and analytics firm App Annie, Go was one of the games mobile users dropped the most coin on in 2018. In fact, it made it into the top ten worldwide consumer spend list. Fate/Grand Order took out the top spot, while GO managed to finish ahead of titles such as Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle and Clash of Clans. Take a look at the full list below:

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App Annie said mobile game downloads and consumer spending within mobile apps reached new heights this year. Across iOS and Google Play, downloads for mobile apps and games are expected to surpass 113 billion, which is a 10 per cent increase on the previous year. Consumer spending increased year-over-year as well, surpassing $76 billion globally. It was also noted how mobile gaming is the most "popular and profitable" format now.

Are you at all surprised to see GO has made it onto this list? Do you play or spend money on this game? Tell us below.