We're pretty sure you don't need us to tell you this, but Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arrives on Nintendo Switch tomorrow. The hype and excitement around the game's release have been phenomenal to witness (so much so that we can't help but feel for those who aren't particularly into the game), but the agonising wait is almost over.

Over the last few days, Nintendo has been counting down to the big day by sharing artwork from various development studios. These pieces have been created exclusively as celebrations for the upcoming game, and a pleasing range of developers responsible for some of our favourite characters have taken part. We've gathered them all for you below so scroll through, enjoy the art, and get lost in the excitement.

Happy Smash Bros. eve!

10 - Super Mario (27th November)

Who better to kick things off than Mario, huh? Not content with just having a still piece of art, Mario takes things a step further by jumping onto the scene in a Super Mario Odyssey-inspired video. In fairness, he's representing a large portion of the roster, with the likes of Luigi, Peach, Bowser and more all coming from his glorious world.

9 - Monster Hunter / Castlevania (28th November)

Mario actually managed to sneak his way into the second entry, too, finding himself in battle with Monster Hunter's Rathalos. Joining Rathalos is Simon and Richter Belmont from Castlevania, two exciting newcomers that are sure to mix things up on the battlefield.

8 - Animal Crossing / Pac-Man (29th November)

With eight days to go, it was the turn of Isabelle and Villager from Animal Crossing and Pac-Man. We're still not entirely sure that we feel ready to punch poor Isabelle in the face, but we imagine that will all go out the window come tomorrow.

7 - Bomberman / Kirby (30th November)

Next up was Bomberman, who actually appears as an Assist Trophy in the game rather than as a traditional fighter, and Kirby, who has kindly swallowed up some of the new characters so that we can admire his marvellous new headgear.

6 - Xenoblade Chronicles / Sonic (1st December)

Despite Shulk being the one to star in the game, Xenoblade Chronicles 2's Zeke - or "The Zekenator" - has opted to go for a typically flamboyant image for the 'six days to go' entry. Joining him is the super-speedy Sonic who looks incredibly happy to have just kicked someone into oblivion.

5 - Pokémon (2nd December)

Next up is Pokémon, with just a handful of the franchise's enormous character roster turning up for the photo shoot. The playable stars of the show feature at the front, including newcomer and all-round cuddly furball Incineroar.

4 - The Legend of Zelda (3rd December)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features more Links than you can shake a Master Sword at, so much so that his various incarnations take up half of the Legend of Zelda's entry. We particularly like how Breath of the Wild Link is patronisingly shoving his little self out of the way like any big brother should.

3 - Bayonetta / Fire Emblem (4th December)

With three days to go, it seems that the development teams got a little over-excited, actually releasing three pieces of artwork rather than the usual two. Joining the feisty Bayonetta was Fire Emblem, which not only received a standard Smash character image, but also had a Fire Emblem Heroes-inspired piece alongside it. To be fair, it is pretty adorable so we'll let this one slide.

2 - Metal Gear / Kid Icarus (5th December)

With just two days to go, things were getting serious and Metal Gear's Snake joined in the fun with a determined, "you're going down" type of stare. It's all okay, though, because Pit was on hand to destroy all of Snake's hard work by pulling a cheesy pose for the camera. This day also brought with it a previously-unpublished Kid Icarus: Uprising AR card.

1 - Splatoon / Mega Man (6th December)

And finally, today sees a lovely Splatoon piece (which soon led to the announcement of a Smash Ultimate-themed Splatfest) and the one and only Mega Man. It's been a long journey, but we've finally made it.

Lots of lovely artwork, lots of great characters, and only one day left to wait. Which piece is your favourite, and who are you most looking forward to playing as in the game? Make sure to let us know in the comments below and check out our Smash Ultimate review if you haven't already!