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Ever since the launch of Nintendo Switch back in March 2017 gamers have been faced with the difficult decision as to go digital or stay physical.

Naturally there are pros and cons to each of these choices. Digital means the game can be always available on your system, without the need to carry around extra carts, however, often comes at an ironically higher price tag for the privilege. Physical, on the other hand, comes with a pretty box you can display on your shelf, doesn't take up as much system space and can be resold when you're done.

Just from surveying our own team we know that everyone seems to have their own take on this matter, some are strict and stick to one format or the other, whereas some make the decision on a game by game basis.

We thought it would be interesting to see how you, the Nintendo Life community, feel about the matter by answering the following questions:

How often to you buy physical Nintendo Switch games?
How often to you buy digital Nintendo Switch games?
How many physical Nintendo Switch games do you own?
How many digital Nintendo Switch games do you own?
Which of the following factors makes you choose physical over digital when buying Nintendo Switch games?

(You can select up to 3 answers)

If Nintendo sold retail Switch boxes with download codes instead of carts, would you buy them?

So there we have it. Do you prefer digital or physical for any other reasons? Let us know in the comments below.