Nintendo has had bumpy relations with content creators over the years. Previously it has restricted live streaming on certain platforms and upped the requirements for its controversial YouTube creators program to match changes on the video website. In general, the Japanese company doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to acknowledging or embracing these modern influencers.

With a game like the upcoming Switch release Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fueled by the community, Nintendo evidently realises it's important to spread the word about the most anticipated release of the year. In order to do this, it's called on several content creators to help promote the title with their own unique fighter videos.

In the above video, Ryan Higa and his fellow content creators share small clips about what Nintendo means to them, the fighter they selected to use in their own videos (down below) and they also reveal where they will be playing the game first thanks to the portable power of the Switch.

Take a look at each of the videos below:

Are you a fan of Nintendo promoting its games with the help of influencers? Do you watch any of these YouTube channels yourself? Which one was your favourite? Tell us below.