As if the hype levels weren't quite high enough already, Nintendo has shared three brand new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailers today, all under a "Chain Smashing" theme.

Don't worry, these videos aren't your typical 40 minutes' worth of footage seen in the Smash Directs; instead, they present just quick glimpses at the action you'll soon be taking part in on a daily basis. Each clip sets the scene nicely, with characters enjoying their favourite activities in a relatively peaceful manner, all before Mario comes along and ruins everything by punching everyone in the face. Tut tut.

You can see them all for yourself below.

As noted just a short while ago, Nintendo Life will remain a spoiler-free zone as we get closer and closer to the game's 7th December release.

Feel free to share your excitement (or indifference) for that very release in the comments down below.