Rare's 1997 Nintendo 64 release GoldenEye 007 is considered as one of the greatest games of all-time. Not only did it provide Nintendo fans of this era with mature-themed gameplay, but it also gave the FPS genre on consoles some much-needed recognition. It was so influential, it spawned its own PC mod and has basically become part of pop culture - often being used to reference the earlier years of 3D gaming and split-screen multiplayer. The adult-orientated animation Family Guy is the latest series to pay respects to this classic title.

In the clip above, pulled from one of the animation's recent episodes, Peter and Meg are required to escape a military camp in order to "evoke video game nostalgia". From here, an entire scene based on Goldeneye 007 plays out. It nails the look, camera movement, animation, auto-aim, and even the intro and outro sequences. As the action unfolds, the characters casually converse whilst shooting the bad guys. With all the snow, it's rather reminiscent of the 'Surface' level in the actual game.

Did this television animation do a good job recreating the N64 classic? Do you miss the glory days of GoldenEye? Tell us below.

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