A couple of weeks ago, ARMS came flying back into the ring with a brand new 'Party Crash Bash' tournament, giving players more reason to jump back into its punchy action. Round 1 went down pretty well, with Min-Min beating Lola Pop to move on to the next round, and now the second face-off has been revealed.

Yes, Round 2 will see Spring Man take on Springtron in a contest that will finally confirm who is the best of the springy-haired fighters. The event's theme is called 'Double Vision' and it'll be taking place between 7th and 10th December.


As you may be aware, this just so happens to be the launch day of another Nintendo fighting game that's just around the corner. While we'd be more than happy to plonk ourselves in for a few rounds of ARMS over the weekend, we can't help but feel that the event might take a bit of a hit as fighting fans delve into their shiny new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate-shaped toy.

Assuming this wasn't planned to happen at the same time on purpose, it certainly seems like an unfortunate coincidence. Hopefully enough players will stick around to keep the event alive; if you're not getting a copy of Smash yourself, perhaps this is a good way to scratch that fighting itch?

Do we have any dedicated ARMS fans in the room who'll be taking part in the event? Are you more likely to do nothing but play Smash Bros. all day instead? Let us know in the comments below.

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