If there's one major Switch game that seems to have slipped from discussion lately, while still actually being deserving of a second chance, it's ARMS. This intriguing new Nintendo IP failed to make quite the same tidal waves as fellow newcomer Splatoon when it arrived on Switch last year, but it has managed to accumulate a very passionate and loving fanbase that seriously adore every moment of its punchy action.

To give the game the leg-up it seemingly needs, Nintendo has decided to rejuvenate its Party Crash event system, this time presenting various rounds in the form of one big tournament. Players will choose their favourite side for each round, gaining victories to send their chosen hero through, with an ultimate champion from all characters eventually being decided as a result. Think Splatfests, but presented in the style of an on-going Super Smash Bros. tournament - yes please!

As you can see, the first round will be kicking off on 23rd November (next Friday), likely lasting for the whole weekend just like previous Party Crash events. Round One sees Min Min take on Lola Pop, and you can expect all the usual crazy and special rules to be applied to matches throughout the event.

Do you feel inspired to jump back in and give ARMS another go? Perhaps you still play regularly and are disgusted at the thought of us suggesting that people may have forgotten about it? However you feel, let us know your thoughts on the game down below.