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Yet another week has flown by, leaving us with a couple of days to sit back, relax, and enjoy some great gaming sessions. Halloween has been and gone and we're now into the month of November so have a read of our thoughts, and tell us about your plans via the poll and comments below. Enjoy!

Liam Doolan - News Reporter

This weekend I’m playing one game - Diablo III: Eternal Collection on the Nintendo Switch. I’m questioning my sanity right now as this is actually my third copy. I originally picked it up on PC in 2012 shortly after the ‘Error 37’ launch debacle and then acquired a console copy when it arrived on certain platforms in 2014. Here I now am playing it in 2018 on the Switch. Even though I’ve played and completed the story mode multiple times over already, there’s still plenty of other content to enjoy. In fact, I never actually purchased the Necromancer DLC on other platforms - so that’ll be my main character for this next run through. The Zelda-themed content and exclusive Ganondorf armour set is probably enough to spur me on for at least another 100 hours as well. Based on my early impressions with the Switch release, this version of the game is possibly the best yet.

Austin Voigt, Contributor

This weekend is all about the LEGO Harry Potter Collection for me, which just released on the Switch the day before Halloween. While the games aren’t anything new, it is fun to play remastered versions of them on a newer console. Since the games use the original soundtracks from the movies, the audio in this series has always been on point, regardless of platform. Also, who doesn’t enjoy watching key cutscenes from the films acted out with animated Lego minifigures? I really think Lego should just start doing animated versions of all of the classics for the big screen. I’d pay money to see that.

However, these babies will just be tiding me over until the ‘Let’s Go’ games arrive in a few weeks, which is really what I’m waiting for next. It’s been a bit of a dry spell recently, folks - so I’ll be casting a few at Hogwarts while I wait patiently for November 16th.

Gavin Lane, Reviewer

This weekend I had hoped to go back and mop up the last few optional challenges I skipped in 7 Billion Humans, but I’ve gone and done a naughty: I took aim at my wishlist and pulled the trigger on not one, not two, but three games. So, I’ll be juggling Dark Souls: Remastered, Inside and Night in the Woods. It’s a pretty dark line-up after the rainbow blast that is Taiko no Tatsujin, but on the plus side 1) each one’s an absolute belter, by all accounts, 2) they’ll show off the black levels on my telly, and 3) once I’ve found that elusive Solaire of Astora amiibo, I’ll be sorted until the new year. Games!

Alan Lopez, Contributor

Two is better than one, right? That’s why I’m playing the little indie title Pode with my girlfriend as a ramp up for our 10-year-anniversary (!) this weekend.

Thus far, my impression of Pode is that of a calm puzzle-platformer where one of you is really cute, while your co-op partner plays as something that is also really cute. Gameplay-wise, I’ve been subject to some painfully easy puzzle-solving accompanied by visuals that are equally easy on the eyes. Truth be told, I purchased the game solely on the involvement of Austin Wintory, the famed game composer of Journey, Banner Saga and many others, who here has bagged a credit for Pode’s entire soundtrack. (That’s what a big name on the back of the box can do for your little light/rock simulation game.)

As I progress through these little rock/plant puzzles, I’m hoping Pode get a little harder. It definitely can’t get any cuter.

Steve Bowling, Contributor

I can't believe we're just two weeks out from the release of Pokemon Let's Go! Between that and the Smash Direct, I know what I wish I was playing, but we've got some time until then. So, what am I looking at this weekend, then?

Between those two aforementioned games, I know the rest of my year is likely spoken for, so these next two weeks are going to be all about catching up with the games I want to finish before year's end, starting with Diablo III: Eternal Collection. I've been exploring New Tristram and it's incredibly addicting.

If I can peel myself away from Blizzard's first Switch outing, I'm going to try to finish Starlink, and Moonlighter. There are just too many games to play, and that's a great problem to have.

Ryan Craddock, Staff Writer

I actually find myself taking a rare trip outdoors this weekend, with a sadly small amount of time being left over for any gaming to take place. Of course, my Switch will still be going with me regardless just in case, and luckily I have a number of things on the go which suit quick bursts of play rather nicely.

Despite picking it up a couple of weeks ago now, I still haven't found the time to start Overcooked 2's new Surf 'n' Turf DLC. My partner and I had a blast shouting our way through the game's main, brutal levels, so we're looking forward to exploring (and arguing over) the new kitchens soon. We also recently kicked off our journey through Death Squared, which should work beautifully for those odd free moments while out and about.

Gonçalo Lopes, Contributor

Fearing I am beginning to sound like a broken record, this weekend I welcome November as usual: Split between the Second Europan War and among the planets of Atlas. While the main campaign of Valkyria Chronicles 4 saw little progress due to me spending all my free time with Squad Stories, learning the back-story and improving the soldiers of E Company, the scales of war are slowly but surely tipping to my side in Starlink: Battle for Atlas. This is what happens when you have a complete squadron of plastic pilots, ships and weapons to throw at everything The Legion throws at you. I should however really track down Wolf… that treacherous canine cretin must be holed up somewhere and up to no good.

The Shiryu Game of the Week award goes to Save me Mr Tako: Tasukete Tako-San; A game that inadvertently turns my Switch into a 16:9 screen ratio Game Boy is not something you stumble upon every week. I gotta finish this one!

Which games are you playing this weekend? (305 votes)

  1. Diablo III: Eternal Collection26%
  2. LEGO Harry Potter Collection2%
  3. 7 Billion Humans  0%
  4. Dark Souls: Remastered11%
  5. Inside2%
  6. Night in the Woods2%
  7. Taiko no Tatsujin2%
  8. Starlink10%
  9. Moonlighter1%
  10. Pode  0%
  11. Valkyria Chronicles 48%
  12. Save me Mr Tako: Tasukete Tako-San3%
  13. Something else!33%

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