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Think back to earlier this year and you might recall a rumour that YouTube was finally on the way to the Nintendo Switch. As it turned out, this never happened. A few days after this, Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aimé said conversations to bring certain services to the Switch were on-going, but the primary short-term goal was to position the Switch as a game-playing device.

We're now nearly two years into the Switch's life, so what's the latest on YouTube coming to Switch? According to post on ResetEra, the popular video service has been spotted under the Switch game recommendations section on the official Nintendo website. It's even listed for release on 8th November, which happens to be next week. If you're still not convinced, a while ago the final name for Yoshi's Crafted World was leaked on the official website. Below is a tweet of the original discovery:

Do you think YouTube might finally be on the way to the Nintendo Switch? Would you be interested in having this video player on your hybrid device? Tell us below.