After a few minor hiccups going live, the third-person free-to-play title Warframe is now out on the Nintendo Switch. This version of the game has been handled by port experts Panic Button and was originally developed and published by Canada's Digital Extremes. It originally started out life on PC in 2013. Much like other F2P titles on Switch, this one won't require a membership.

As we have previously explained, this online action game is set in an evolving sci-fi world and gives players the chance to master the 'Warframe' armour as the enigmatic Tenno - a race of ancient warriors who are awakened from centuries of cryo-sleep by the mysterious guide, Lotus. The title features 36 unique Warframes, hundreds of weapons, thousands of customisation options and upgrades, a flexible mod system, and the ability to join clans, nurture pets, and explore massive new open worlds.

In total it delivers more than five years of game content including 23 major updates. From day one, you can team up in 1-4 player cooperative play and enjoy all of the content up to the 'Mask of the Revenant' update. For a limited time, players can also migrate their Warframe accounts across from the PC of the game.

If you want to get involved in some space ninja action, you'll need to download the 12.4GB game file from your local eShop. As part of the game's arrival on the Switch, every Nintendo user who joins will receive a free starter pack containing a bunch of in-game items, which are sent directly to your inbox. Before you can access this content, you'll need to unlock the Comms Segment in-game by completing the first Quest, Vor’s Prize. You can claim this free pack until the 4th of December.

Below are the full list of items in the starter pack:

50,000 Credits
The legal tender of the Origin System. Credits are used to buy new Weapons and Warframes, but they’re also used to upgrade Mods -- the primary source of gear power in Warframe.

3-Day Affinity Booster
With this Booster, all of your gear will rank up faster. As you play, your Weapons and Warframes will gain Affinity and rank up. Ranking up increases the Mod Capacity of an item, so you can equip those upgraded Mods.

Orokin Reactor
Immediately doubles the Mod Capacity of any Warframe. Install this Reactor on your Warframe’s Upgrade screen.

Orokin Reactor
Immediately doubles the Mod Capacity of any Weapon. Install this Catalyst on your Weapon’s Upgrade screen.

When a Warframe or Weapon reaches max rank, you can choose to install a Forma on the Upgrade screen. Forma resets the rank of an item back to 0, but it Polarizes a Mod Slot to save on Mod Capacity. Forma is mostly used later in the game, but when you’re ready, it’s there for you.

Have you been playing Warframe since went live on the Switch? How are you enjoying this F2P experience so far? Tell us below.