Super Famicom IMG

A 39-year-old man located in Japan has been arrested by police for selling modded Super Famicom Classic Mini consoles to three individuals in online net auctions. According to a report by Asahi via Nintendo Soup, the man added a total of five games to each of the modified systems and then resold them for approximately 61,500 yen. One of the games on the systems was reportedly Super Mario Bros.

We hope nobody thinks this offender is related to Nintendo's very own Shigeru Miyamoto, as the man who has now been now been charged for infringing the copyright of Nintendo and four other companies is known as Tomoyuki Miyamoto. Yep, his last name is Miyamoto and he happened to be selling modded Super Famicom Classic Mini. We can't help but wonder what the legendary video game designer and producer Shigeru Miyamoto thought about this. We hope he had a chuckle about it, at least.

In Japan, copyright laws go the extra mile to ensure the video game industry isn't exploited. As Nintendo Soup notes, outside of Japan, you likely wouldn't be busted for modding consoles, then again, you could still risk getting in trouble with the law if you were making a profit in certain locations. This story follows on from last week's case when Nintendo was awarded $12 million in a trademark and copyright infringement lawsuit.