Game Boy Color

The Super Game Boy was great, especially if you were a Nintendo fan who was short on cash and wanted to extract as much enjoyment as possible from your small library of games.

Being able to experience your Game Boy games on the big screen was a real boon, and if you're anything like us then you'll have many happy memories of playing the likes of Super Mario Land and Zelda: Link's Awakening on the TV.

The one serious drawback of the Super Game Boy was that it was never upgraded for the Game Boy Color era, and there was no way of playing titles like Metal Gear: Ghost Babel and Resident Evil Gaiden on your telly. Thankfully, Japanese firm Columbus Circle is about to solve this oversight with the Extension Convertor for GB, which is due for release in January next year.

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It's not known how much this device will cost, or if it will be made available outside of Japan - we're not even sure that it will work on the North American or PAL SNES at this stage - but we imagine that serious Game Boy fans will want to get their hands on it regardless. Let us know if you're one of those fans by posting a comment below.