Tank Game

Bandai Namco will be releasing Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match DX on the Switch in Japan next year. The game stems from the bizarre 2012 anime and film series about a group of high school girls who engage in tank warfare as a sport.

This is an enhanced version of the PlayStation 4 title and adds new tanks and characters from the first Girls und Panzer Das Finale anime film. The original game's Southeast Asia release included English subtitles, but was never officially localised here in the west. Still, it means there might be a way for any die-hard fans of the anime series to play this even if it isn't released outside of these regions. Bandai Namco's ongoing support for the Switch might also help.


Are you familiar with this anime? Would you be interested in 3D tank warfare on your Switch? Tell us below.

[source crunchyroll.com]