In yet another episode of 'Japan gets all the cool stuff and it's really getting unfair now', a new Mario Kart-themed lottery has been announced where fans can win some lovely household items based on the franchise.

The lottery comes courtesy of Bandai, which has revealed that it will be bringing all of the lovely content to Lawson, HMV, and game and hobby stores from 15th December. People can pay ¥620 to take part (that's about £4.30/$5.50) and can receive prizes including a Mario Kart cushion set, a Lakitu clock, bowls, a glass collection, some rubber coasters, and even a pair of Banana slippers. You can see all of the prizes below.

We have to say that those banana slippers are probably our favourite (closely followed by the Lakitu clock), but we'd happily welcome any of these goodies into the office given the chance.

Do you have a favourite? Do you wish things like this would happen where you live? Let us know in the comments below.