As no doubt nearly everyone reading this will know, there's a tremendous amount of love for the good old fashioned GameCube controller, but nowhere is this more obvious than in certain tight-knit circles themed around a certain series called Super Smash Bros.; you may have heard of it.

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the rapidly approaching horizon, the options for GameCube and GameCube-style controllers is greater in number than ever, but can anything really stand up to the original wired controller with a totally-not-cumbersome adapter?

For some, there will simply be no competition, there's nothing that can compare to the feel, responsiveness, and nipple-shaped C Stick of the original, but for people who want that old-school feel but actually don't mind a frame or two of input latency because they can't tell the slightest bit of difference, other options might make more sense. Check out the video above to see if there's something unexpectedly right for you.