Originally releasing as a launch title for the GameCube back in 2001, Luigi's Mansion has just been reworked for a release on Nintendo 3DS, launching in North America last week and in Europe tomorrow. It's an interesting little project - what was a launch title for one console is arriving at the very latter stages of another, and Nintendo has employed the help of Grezzo (the studio behind the 3DS ports of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask) to do just that.

Things get more interesting thanks to the fact that Luigi's Mansion was a game that was originally designed for stereoscopic 3D, but never saw this be realised due to the limitations of the technology at the time; the 3DS is finally offering the game that chance it so desperately desired all those years ago. It's still a blast to play, too; we said that the new release is "as fun now as it was when the GameCube launched" in our review, and we're sure players will agree.

But what about from a highly-detailed technical point of view? Well, the folks over at Digital Foundry have been putting the game through its spooky paces to find out more, with some interesting little discoveries being noted throughout. The team has praised the 3DS version for its "completely revamped" visuals, "higher level of detail and nuance", and "smoothly rendered" character models, while noticing several areas where the GameCube version still comes out on top.

The game's target of 30fps doesn't always manage to stay completely solid on 3DS, and various visual tricks such as shadows inside the mansion have been dialled down slightly. On the flip side, little touches have been added here and there to spruce up the new version a little, meaning that there are pros and cons for both versions. You can read up on Digital Foundry's full verdict here, or see it for yourself in the video below.

Have you picked up Luigi's Mansion on 3DS? If you're in Europe, do you plan on buying the game when it launches tomorrow? Let us know your thoughts on the new version in the comments below.