Merge Games has revealed that its upcoming twin-stick shooter The Walking Vegetables: Radical! Edition will be launching on Switch early next month.

The game sees players battling mutated zombie fruit and veg in a scenario no doubt already in the minds of your pesky, vegetable-avoiding children. Armed initially with a simple pistol, you'll soon be able to upgrade your arsenal with a myriad of weapons and gadgets that can be uncovered as you take on the frightening foliage.

You'll also experience randomised buildings, game sections, enemies, bosses, weapons, and items, making every run unique and giving you a reason to re-explore the game after your first completion. The game also includes a variety of achievable skills and unlockable goodies for you to find, so you might just find yourself wanting to stick around and play this one for quite some time.

As you might expect, players will be able to tackle the game together in local co-op, saving mankind as one as you defeat the end-of-level vegetable bosses. If this one sounds like your thing, check out these screenshots of the action below.

The Walking Vegetables Radical! Edition will be available to pre-order directly from the Switch eShop from the 1st of November, releasing just after on the 8th. You'll be able to pick it up for £9.99 / €12.99, although any purchases made between the 1st and 15th November will receive a 20% discount.

Will you be fending off those nasty veggies? Let us know if you like the look of this one in the comments below.