Yesterday, Nicalis announced the platform / RPG crossover Save me Mr Tako: Tasukete Tako-San would be released on the Switch eShop on 30th October. In a recent interview with GoNintendo, the game's developer Christophe Galati spoke about the possibility of a physical release:

There’s always hope! Personally, it would be a dream come true, but it’s not something I can decide myself. If lots of people play and enjoy the digital version after it releases, I suppose anything is possible!

He also spoke about the title's unique Game Boy-like aesthetics and how he respected the limitations of the classic system:

The game mimics a Game Boy experience, but it respects some of the limitations too. For example, there’s the classic four-color palette, there is no sprite scaling or rotation and the music in the game was made on a tracker. But, the resolution is bigger than the original Game Boy (you can choose between playing in 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio), there are more sprites displayed on the screen and the fourth audio channel doesn’t stop when playing sound effects. I chose to modernize some of the aspects in the game so that it would provide an enjoyable experience for new players, not just those who grew up with the Game Boy.

For many designers, pixel art is an aesthetic in itself and the Game Boy look is all about the four-color palette. But, it’s not only about the colors; you can still have an artistic direction with those constraints and make your game stand out and be noticed amongst other games that have the same limitations. I spent months trying to finalize my own art direction, which is reminiscent of the symbols, shapes and animations of the sprite works of this era, but I also wanted the look to feel fresh and new. To achieve the right mood, I also had to try to think like the developers from the Game Boy era in all aspects of the design.

Are you looking forward to Save me Mr Tako: Tasukute Tako-San? Would you like to see a physical release? Will you be supporting the eShop version for this reason? Tell us in the comments.