Dreamcast Cropped
Image: Extreme Consoles

There was a time when you'd be branded a fool for ever thinking that Nintendo and Sega would team up to release content on the same system, but these days you can find Sonic splattered all over the Switch's eShop almost as much as Mario himself. Taking this newfound partnership further - and beyond the realms of reality - this custom paint job fuses the two companies together in hardware form. And we really, really like it.

Customised by the folks over at Extreme Consoles - a UK-based company which specialises in airbrushing and hand-painted designs for controllers and consoles - this design is inspired by the idea of a Dreamcast 2. While Sega's Dreamcast has never seen a successor - and likely never will - this will no doubt have fans of the company screaming for a new system once again.

The design was actually created for MAZ Gaming UK - who says that very detailed specifications for the design were handed over to the team. As you can imagine, seeing the console in the flesh brought nothing but happiness, and you can see more about that story (and the console itself) in the video below

Would you like a Switch like this? Would you make it look like a different console, perhaps? Tell us below with a comment.

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