Yesterday, pirated versions of the upcoming Super Mario Party were said to have leaked online, once again highlighting Nintendo's struggles against combating piracy on Switch.

According to tech and science site, Motherboard, two different copies of the game have been widely shared across torrent sites, forums, and piracy-focused Discord channels, although it is currently unknown how the game was initially leaked or who was responsible. Motherboard say that it "has independently confirmed that the files being circulated contain a working version of the game, and has seen video of it running on a modified Nintendo Switch".

Apparently, the shared files will only work on a Switch that has already been hacked or modded, but with communities surrounding the hacking scene growing ever stronger, and with Nintendo struggling to combat the issues this presents, it could be all too easy for users to follow suit and grab an illegal copy for themselves.

Nintendo has been taking positive strides towards the combat of illegal ROM sharing lately, with software updates that have included the ability to ban a console from connecting to the internet should it be used for illegal activity, as well as filing lawsuits against several well-known ROM sharing websites, but this new leak proves how far Nintendo still has to go.

Super Mario Party launches officially tomorrow and, if you missed our review, we think the game is "a true return to form". Will you be supporting the game by purchasing a copy tomorrow? Let us know down below.