Korean developer Superb Corp. has announced Pianista: The Legendary Virtuoso, a rhythm game set to be released on Nintendo Switch.

Pianista: The Legendary Virtuoso is described as "a high-end piano music game", featuring music from 23 of the world's greatest composers from the Baroque to the Romantic period. The game has been developed exclusively for Switch, with players able to use either the touchscreen or standard button options. Looking at the trailer, the touchscreen option certainly looks like the best way to go; the face buttons might get a little fiddly with any complicated patterns.

On top of the 77 songs included, you can also learn more about the featured composers and take part in several different game modes to change things up. Through different difficulty settings and the like, the 77 songs on offer actually contain a total of 693 different patterns to play.

Key Features
- Matinee – Choose four keys or six keys to perform, and select three songs to play. Challenge the high score to compete with others in rank. Hidden stages also become available when you clear special missions.
- Concours – Packaged challenges sorted by different themes. This mode features various difficulty and missions. Show your best performance in Concours.
- Ensemble – Use the Joy-Cons to perform a duet. Create your own play-style using different piano skins, speed options, and more with friends for the best results.
- Library – Check your play status, as well as the world’s famous composers and their songs.
Piano – There are many piano skins to collect, which are inspired by world famous paintings. Clear special missions to complete your collection!


No release date has been announced for the game just yet so we'll make sure to keep an eye out for any more information as it comes.

Do you like your rhythm action games? Will this classical offering be going on your wishlist? Let us know with a comment below.

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