FDG Entertainment has revealed that Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom has been delayed once again, having to scrap its newly-planned November release and instead launching in December. Originally, the title was aiming for a summer 2018 release.

The news comes from a blog post shared by the developer, in which the production of the physical card and disc packages are said to be the problem. With the physical and digital releases being "tightly linked to each other", this physical delay will unfortunately impact the digital version on the Switch eShop, too.

"It turned out that the physical goods manufacturing takes longer than initially planned and we could only choose between rushing out in time or complete the Day-1 edition properly with keeping our promises of its content.

There was no question: we're now reaching a 5 year production cycle of Monster Boy and it didn't make sense to us to have an incomplete physical release so we decided to give the manufacturing process more time so the physical release can shine as the game itself. So much polishing, so much work - we don't want to see a half-baked physical release."

As always, while delays are never great from a consumer point of view, we'd much rather the team take the time they need to provide the best quality product in the long run. We know a lot of you lovely readers have been looking forward to Monster Boy's upcoming Switch appearance, so hopefully this unforeseen hiccup won't cause too much trouble.

The game is now scheduled to launch across all platforms on 4th December, both physically and digitally.

Will you be picking up a copy of the game when it arrives? Were you looking forward to it arriving in November? Tell us below.

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