Monster Boy

Today, FDG Entertainment has revealed a confirmed, finalised release date for Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch on 6th November.

The news comes as part of today's 2018 Indies Showcase, which also revealed that the game will be available to play at this year's Gamescom at the Nintendo booth. The game is said to borrow all the best bits from the series to deliver a "fresh, modern adventure with fun gameplay, memorable music and gorgeous hand-drawn animations".

If you're unfamiliar with the title, allow this feature list below to get you up to speed. We've also shared the game's section from today's new presentation just below that - there's a good minute and a half of lovely footage to enjoy, including a return of the "Monster Boy, fighting for a future made of love and joy" song that we couldn't get out of our heads from the previous trailer.

- Six awesome forms with unique combat and platforming abilities to make your adventure exciting from start to finish.
- Unlock new paths and secrets with special equipment: look for magic weapons and items that gradually open up the world.
- Over 15 hours of epic adventure: explore the new Monster World in a vast interconnected environment.
- Hand Drawn animations: characters and enemies come to life with detailed animations and fun facial expressions.
- Soundtrack from iconic Japanese composers: Yuzo Koshiro, Motoi Sakuraba, Michiru Yamane, Keiki Kobayashi and Takeshi Yanagawa.
- Full HD graphics at 60 fps: the game supports 1080p/60fps in TV mode and 720p/60fps in Nintendo Switch handheld mode.
- HD rumble support: feel the action with high-performance HD rumble support.

Are you excited to explore the world of Monster Boy on Nintendo Switch?