Mega man

The recent launch of Mega Man 11 has brought with it an excellent resurgence for the Blue Bomber, combining the series' much-loved classic gameplay with modern twists to keep things interesting. Despite this development success, though, the team working on the game behind the scenes was made up of just 40 people - a number that's surprisingly small by today's standards.

Capcom's official website has published an interview with the producer of Mega Man 11, Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, talking about how the game came into being, Tsuchiya's personal career paths, and fan expectations for a new Mega Man game. In the interview, he mentions that the development team contained "around 40 people", noting how small this is compared to other modern teams which can often be in the hundreds.

"There are certainly benefits to a larger development team, but with so many people it means that some are unable to affect development across the game as a whole. With around 30 people it feels like you've got just enough staff for the project. It's very clear what aspects of the game each person is in charge of, so they can be completely sure of their goals and keenly feel responsibility towards them. I feel like the development team was the perfect size for a project of this sort."

Elsewhere, Tsuchiya talks about how his own research led to the creation of the game, with results finding that players wanted a "full-fledged entry in the original Mega Man series".

I performed detailed research to find out what Mega Man fans were thinking, as well as what people who weren't fans but had heard of the series were thinking. The research showed us that the thing people wanted most was a new, full-fledged entry in the original Mega Man series, made with series fans in mind. This culminated in the development of Mega Man 11.

The full interview has been translated into English, so feel free to check it out in full here if you're interested.

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