Streets Of Red Monster Challengers

Streets Of Red: Devil's Dare Deluxe by Secret Base is a bloody multiplayer beat 'em up that arrived on the Switch eShop earlier this year. As low-key as the release might have been, the game turned out to be quite good - receiving positive feedback from reviewers and fans. This led to more than 10,000 copies being sold and the developer was able to recoup its port costs in less than ten days.

Since then, Secret Base has been hard at work on a little update for Streets Of Red. This free content will arrive this Halloween on 31st October. Here's what you can expect:

All New Secret Bosses!
Hunter: A gonzo alien spreading fear and loathing in the meadows!
Z Warrior: If you fall asleep on the job, he'll be dockin' your pay!
Mul Goemul: A fishy fighter with a host of gross attacks!
Sakura: A three-eyed haunt who dares you to put a ring on it!
These new challengers will only come out and play for the most skilled opponents. Can you find their secret lairs and be the last girl (or boy) standing? Prepare for the fight of your life!

New Language Options!

English, French and Spanish are set to go live alongside these new monsters in the USA, while the EU/AU build will receive all those options plus Russian, Dutch, German, Italian and Portuguese.

Online Leaderboards!

Just like in the arcade beat 'em ups that inspired it, Streets of Red: DDD now offers players the opportunity to see their name up in lights next to all the best and brightest competitors around the world.

If you don't already own a copy, from the 31st October until 20th November, Streets of Red will be available for 30% off its regular price of $8.99.

If you would like to know more about the game, Secret Base will also be hosting a special Reddit AMA on r/NintendoSwitch from 10am-3pm EST on Halloween.