Forever Entertainment has revealed that it will be bringing the Wild West worlds of Hard West - Complete Edition to Nintendo Switch.

The main game sees players fighting their way through eight unique story-based scenarios and 40 different turn-based combat missions, with the protagonist, Warren, going on a quest to hunt down everyone who has wronged him. You'll be following Warren "on his descent into the darkest recesses of the human soul", desperately trying to survive in a world full of choice and consequence.

Some details surrounding the Switch edition are still to be revealed, but we do know that - while it won't have any new features - this new release will still be the most complete version available on the market. It's set to come with the Scars of Freedom DLC, which originally launched in 2016, as well as the game's original soundtrack. If you're interested, you can check out this mighty feature list taken from the Steam version of the game, as well as the original 2015 launch trailer below.

- A Unique “Weird” West World: Explore a world where Western legends meet demons, arcane rituals and satanic cults and where the dead can walk the Earth again. For a price.
- Compelling Turn-based Combat: Control 1-4 squad members in thrilling turn-based combat encounters and master a range of powerful western-inspired special abilities, from feats of gunslinging to survivability against all odds, to take out your opponents in a series of original tactical maps with unique story-based objectives.
- Collect and Combine Special Abilities: Obtain new special abilities by collecting and equipping unique cards which are earned throughout the game by completing main- and optional objectives, exploration , bartering, treasure hunting and more. These cards can be combined to create even more powerful combos, and provide additional options in combat.
- Choice and Fate: Experience a deep story where decisions made during and between combat scenarios will resonate through future events and change the ultimate fates of a divisive group of colorful characters
- Luck of the Draw: Use a combat system that goes far beyond pure probability by featuring luck as a unique guardian of engaging and challenging combat
- Dynamic Cover: Change the flow of combat thanks to an extensive cover system which allows for the creation of effective cover from objects in the environment, making flanking and maneuvering during battles a truly powerful tactic
- Shadow Spotting: Exploit the Blazing western sun to Locate out of sight enemies by the shadows that they cast, along with the sounds they make
- Ricochets: Utilize Metal objects to allow master gunslingers to shoot beyond the line of sight for increased tactical combat options, and diversified planning
- 40 Historically Inspired Weapons: Equip and employ an eclectic collection of deadly shotguns, rifles, pistols and sniper rifles, all based upon real outlandish prototypes, designs and ideas from the era

The game is expected to launch for €25 (with the DLC and soundtrack included) but we are still waiting on that all-important release date. We'll make sure to update you when we hear more.

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