Defiant Development's deck-building RPG Hand of Fate 2 is receiving a new batch of DLC, with the Switch version set to be released "soon".

'The Servant and the Beast' invites players to return to the Dealer’s table once again, featuring a brand-new campaign that sees our hero strike a bargain with a monstrous entity who helps them escape from fighting pits in exchange for blood. This character, Veles the Shadow Beast, is also included as a companion who can accompany players into combat and vanquish downed foes. Veles is said to have "more dark and terrible powers, along with a vengeful quest chain filled with more encounters to enjoy and gear to unlock".

Alongside this new content is the free 'Combat Reforged' update, giving the game a number of quality of life improvements. The update is set to overhaul how battles play out in the game with enhanced fighting mechanics, and will also rebalance enemies and equipment alongside other improvements to make the title the strongest it's been to date. We loved our time with the game in our review, so seeing more content make its way to Switch is very welcome indeed.

All of this new content is available today on other platforms but, as mentioned above, will be arriving on Switch "soon". Pricing for Switch hasn't yet been confirmed, but the new DLC is currently available for $6.99 / €5.99 / £4.99 on other consoles - expect something similar on Nintendo's platform, too.

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