Chinese publisher indienova has revealed that it will be bringing AngerForce: Reloaded to Nintendo Switch later this year.

The game is a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up designed with the very best of '90s arcade hits in mind, set in a 19th-century world where humans are under threat from a robot rebellion. Visuals take on a cartoony, comic-style approach, and indienova tells us that, thanks to "a free-form deformation technique, its character animation sequences are rich in detail, achieving a 3D-like effect".

Players can improve their on-screen characters by choosing from randomly generated abilities, and your choices will impact your entire stage progression. You'll be able to choose from dozens of different upgrades, hoping to compliment your character's special abilities and forming your very own favoured playstyle. As you can see in the trailer above, you can also challenge the rebellion with a friend in local co-op.

Here's a look at the game's features, and a selection of screenshots for you to enjoy.

- A straight-up hardcore STG that takes you back to the fast-paced 90's.
- Original robotech and unique comic art style that employs FFD technique to achieve detailed and 3D-like effects in 2D animation.
- 7 elaborate stages and 10+ crazed bosses to defeat.
- 4 original characters, each of them having two special abilities and one powerful bomb.
- A roguelike randomized ability system. Create your own unique play style by mixing and matching your character's abilities.
- Explore the story behind each character and the secrets surrounding the enemy legion.
- More than 20 original tracks.

No exact release date has been revealed just yet; the current timings given simply indicate towards a "Q4 2018" launch.

Do you love a good vertical shmup? Will you be adding this one to your Switch wishlist? Let us know below.