Byte4Games, StarCruiser Studio and BadLand Publishing will bolster the shoot 'em up genre on the Switch eShop in the second half of November with the release of Mars Chaos Menace. No exact release date has been announced.

After "successfully reintroducing" the twin-stick shooter genre with Demon's Crystals - released on multiple platforms in 2016 and 2017 - the aim is to further revive the genre that brought fans iconic games such as Ikaruga.

The bullet hell shmup Mars Chaos Menace takes a "new approach to arcade shooters" with 3D graphics and all kinds of visual effects to charm even the most devoted fans. Like any other game within the genre, the story tasks you with saving civilisation from giant monsters that are attacking human colonies not far from Earth. Below are the main features mentioned in the PR:

  • Neat aesthetics and design that you will be delighted with.
  • Great variety of unique environments to be discovered in the missions.
  • Impressive enemies that will make you suffer and excel your skills.
  • Several different enemies with a unique behavior.
  • Action and challenge guaranteed for arcade shooter lovers.

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