Whether you're old enough to remember buying your very own, or you're simply interested in gaming history, you'll no doubt be aware of the NES. The Nintendo Entertainment System - to give it its full name - first found its way into people's homes during the '80s, introducing players to the likes of Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda and going on to be a huge part of Nintendo's history in the process.

If you want to reminisce on all your old favourites, or learn a thing or two about the console's complete lineup of games, this NES encyclopedia could well be for you. A full colour, A4, hardback release, this book features 187,000 words dedicated to every single game in the console's library, and even features a bonus section covering a further 162 unlicensed games, giving you the lowdown on every ‘unauthorised’ release for the system.

An early sample of the book's layout
Image: Chris Scullion

This monstrously ambitious project comes from the mind - and hard work - of Chris Scullion, a games journalist who has written for Official Nintendo Magazine, Nintendo Gamer, CVG, and now his own website, Tired Old Hack. He's also written a fair amount of words for us here at Nintendo Life, so we hope you'll send some love his way. In an article on Tired Old Hack, Chris explains why the console means so much to him - and why he's the perfect man for the job.

Essentially, had I not discovered the NES at the age of four when visiting my aunt in America, I may never have fallen in love with gaming, I may never have gone to University to try and write for a games magazine, I may never have moved to London to work for ONM, I may never have met my future wife there, and so on.

The NES isn’t just one of my favourite systems: that little grey box has literally shaped every major beat of my life for the past 30+ years.

You can read that full article here to learn more about the project and keep tabs on the book's release; it's aiming for a March 2019 launch in the UK with other regions to follow shortly after. Its success could even spawn an entire series dedicated to gaming systems in the future.

"The good news is that White Owl have agreed in principle that if The NES Encyclopedia meets a certain sales target, I’ll be given the green light to go ahead with book two, The SNES Encyclopedia."

Does this look like the perfect book for your coffee table at home? Let us know if you like the sound of this one with a comment below.