Accessory maker PowerA has unveiled another line of controllers for the Nintendo Switch, this time adding more features to get even closer to Nintendo's very own Pro Controller.

These 'Enhanced Wireless Controllers' use Bluetooth 4.1 tech to provide a "virtually lag-free experience" when playing wirelessly, include integrated motion controls for your daily dose of Splatoon 2, and feature mappable buttons on the back of the controller for some extra input options. Similar to the Xbox One's Elite Controller, these extra buttons can be mapped to any already-existing function.

As an example, if you struggle to sprint in games which force you to press L3 (pressing down the left control stick) you could simply map the sprint action to one of these additional buttons on the back of the controller. It's a neat little feature, and one that could come in handy in competitive games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, too.

Screen Shot 2018 09 24 At 09.58.36

There are six different designs available in total - black, white, red, Mario, Link, and 'Retro Mario' - and these can be pre-ordered from the manufacturer's site for $49.99. This is significantly cheaper than Nintendo's Pro Controller, but you do have to sacrifice the HD Rumble and NFC reader.

Would you take mappable buttons over HD Rumble and NFC? Or do you always stick with Nintendo's official releases? Let us know with a comment below.

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