Nintendo Switch Online New IMG

More details about the NES games to be made available alongside the launch of the Nintendo Switch Online service have been revealed. Apart from the ability to play against others online, it's now been discovered the games will include a variety of features to make the experience more enjoyable for modern audiences.

A recent email sent out by Nintendo explains what exactly service subscribers can expect from the retro library of games:

Gain access to a growing library of classic NES games anytime, anywhere - with added online features and other enhancements, like HD resolution, filters and special save states!

In the past, all of Nintendo's classic re-releases have supported save states and the ability to suspend play, so it's no surprise to see the feature make a return on the Switch. As for the addition of HD resolution and filters, hopefully, it will make these games look better on modern screens whilst channelling the nostalgia of the original versions.

On Nintendo's website, it's also mentioned how a friend will be able to display a hand-shaped cursor on the screen to provide tips and clap while you play a game:

When playing online, you can display a hand-shaped cursor on your friend’s screen. Use it to give hints or point out strategic locations. You can even clap to congratulate them.

Super Mario Cursor

What do you think about the inclusion of save states, HD resolution, filters and a hand cursor? Tell us in the comments.

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