EP Games' multiplayer physics-based fighter A Gummy's Life is headed to Nintendo Switch, it has been confirmed. The best news? It'll be here as soon as next week.

In this game, players must choose their favourite Gummy character and prepare to battle a group of sugary opponents inside a variety of physics-based matches. Each Gummy has their own individual stats which can help them survive through the game's 15 different maps, and each come with their own set of customisations, such as soda bottles or gummy sharks.

The core premise appears to be pretty simple, with gummies attempting to pull, push, or do anything they possibly can to knock each other off the board. You'll be battling on beehives, in volcanoes, and on football pitches - where there's even a ball to kick around which can be used to whack your opponent - and there's also a swarm mode where gummies will attack each other at a pool. The game allows you to fill in empty player spots with AI gummies if you don't have a full roster, whether playing alongside friends locally or online.

It instantly reminds us of Gang Beasts - a similarly functioning game which never made it onto a Nintendo system after its launch last year - and we're hopeful that A Gummy's Life can fill that void in the Switch's library. It also bears some resemblance to Human: Fall Flat, with its wonky character physics causing all sorts of chaotic mayhem.

The game will be available to buy directly from the Switch's eShop for $14.99, and will allow up to eight-player online battles with a subscription to Nintendo's new Online service.

Will you be firing this one up at your next house party? Let us know if you'll be grabbing yourself a copy with a comment below.