11 Bit Studios has now locked in the month of November for the release of Moonlighter on Switch. As previously revealed, the title will receive both a digital and physical release.

If you haven't heard about Moonlighter before, it's an action RPG featuring rogue-lite elements. It's a somewhat unique combination as you take on the role of a shopkeeper, who is also an adventurer. Your two interests go hand in hand as you go out and fight monsters and then gather items and supplies to sell at your shop. Over time you can even upgrade your shop and recruit assistants to help you develop your business. 

November is shaping up to be an exciting release period for Switch owners with a number of big-name titles on the way, along with a plethora of indie releases. Have you been anticipating Moonlighter on the Switch? Will you be grabbing this one in physical or digital form? Tell us in the comments below.