Accessory maker 8BitDo has pretty much cornered the market when it comes to wireless controllers which ape the form and function of classic Nintendo pads, and this year it's refreshing its popular SN30 and SN30 Pro line to give it a spot of colour.

The arrival of Yellow, red, blue and green SN30 pads - based on the colours used for the Game Boy Pocket line - means you no longer have to make do with the grey versions released so far. However, if the colour grey is totally your thing, then you don't need to feel left out - 8BitDo is also releasing an SN30 and SN30 Pro which use the famous colour scheme of the original Game Boy.

Each controller comes with a matching charging cable, but we're sad to see that the SN30s are still using Micro USB connections while the SN30 Pro has the more modern USB Type-C. It's a pretty minor complaint, however, and the pads themselves are fantastic to use. They're compatible with Switch, of course, making them ideal for games which rely on precise input, such as the recently-released Sega Ages games.

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All of these pads are coming this holiday season.