Nabuo Uematsu

If you have ever played one of Square Enix's Final Fantasy games before, you will have probably heard Nobuo Uematsu's work. The famous Japanese composer, aged 59, is occasionally referred to as the "Beethoven" of video game music and has been working at Square since 1985.

In the latest post on his Line blog page, Nobuo revealed he would be taking an indefinite break from work, due to his current health. It sounds as if holding concerts worldwide and composing new works on a regular basis has finally caught up on him, with serious fatigue now setting in.

His current plans are to use the remainder of 2018 to rest up, in hope of regaining his health and stamina. While he's not sure about an immediate return to his work next year, he remains committed to making a recovery.

From the community and team here at Nintendo Life, we wish Mr Nobuo all the best and hope to see him back doing what he loves in the near future.