Nintendo has confirmed that Xenoblade Chronicles X's Elma will be making an appearance in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 alongside a brand new blade. The best news? They're both available today!

Yes, even more news has come flooding out of Gamescom's lovely show floor, with Nintendo sharing a brand new video segment for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Feel free to rewind the video below right to the beginning if you'd like to watch the entire thing, but you can check out this new content from the 31:33 mark posted below.

As you can see, Elma appears in an encounter with Rex and rest of the party before seemingly mistaking them as enemies, causing a mass fight to break out. If you watched the video to the end, you'll also have seen the new Rare Blade, Corvin. Both of these are available as part of the Expansion Pass starting from today - if you've already bought the pass, you should expect to have them in your game very soon.


In case you'd forgotten, Nintendo was also quick to remind fans that the Torna – The Golden Country expansion will be releasing on 14th September - so not long to wait at all!

Are you happy to see Elma return in Xenoblade Chronicles 2? Will you be firing up your copy of the game to explore the new goodies today? Let us know with a comment below.

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