To celebrate the release of Okami HD on Switch, Data Discs has partnered with Capcom to release a remastered version of the original soundtrack on vinyl, and it's available to pre-order as we speak.

Originally released in 2006 and composed by Masami Ueda, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Rei Kondoh and Akari Groves, the Okami soundtrack is known for suiting the game perfectly; the pieces act as a natural fit to the recurring themes of restoration and resolve. Using traditional Japanese instruments, and inspired by distant folklore, the score moves between peacefulness and danger effortlessly. It's safe to say we loved the game in our recent review, and that included its soundtrack:

"[The soundtrack] revels in flutes and stringed instruments. Even during the more intense action sequences, there’s a certain kind of peaceful and serene tone to the music that infuses the amazing visuals with a heightened air of mysticism, and this makes for an experience that you won’t want to miss."

This new release is presented as a quadruple LP box set, featuring over two hours of newly remastered music and a 40-page artbook. There is also a double-sided lithographic print featuring original illustrations from the Capcom archives in Japan. A lossless download code for the album is also included, and you can pick up any one of the following editions:

  • 4 x 180g Frosted Clear vinyl with “Cherry Blossom Pink” and “Amaterasu White” splatter **LIMITED EDITION**
  • 4 x 180g Frosted Clear
  • 4 x 180g Classic Black

Pre-orders can be obtained from the Data Discs website, although the limited edition variant will only be available to order until 15th August. The site also contains a full track list, so make sure to check it out if you need your Okami music fix.

Do you collect video game soundtracks? Would you like to grab this one?