Another weekend is well and truly upon us, so what better time to discuss our weekend gaming plans - and then actually go and play them, of course! This time around, we've got RPGs, whacky minigame collections, older classics, retro goodness, and more, but what about you? Read through the Nintendo Life team's words, and then let us know what you'll be playing via our poll and comment sections below. Enjoy!

Dave Frear, retro reviewer

I seem to have slipped into a routine of playing a chunk of Octopath Traveler at the weekend and that will be happening again this week. Combined with another (non-Nintendo system) game I’ll be trying out, I don’t think I’ll have large amounts of free time for anything else. Small amounts of time, though? Sure, and so I’ll be playing some WarioWare Gold between other things. I’ve long been a fan of the quick bursts of frantic microgame action the series provides so I’m keen to get stuck into the mix of old and new challenges offered up in this latest release. I’ll be button-tapping, stylus-ing, and turning my way through, inevitably getting confused at some point but having a blast nonetheless.

Glen Fox, guides editor

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has had me hooked since the demo was released earlier this week. I struggled to get into it on 3DS because that weird little second analogue stub just wasn't up to snuff for me. That isn't a problem on the Switch, and I've been gagging for some Monster Hunter on the go. I'll tell you what, though – it's kind of tough going from Monster Hunter World to Generations, as you really feel the leap backwards. There were so many quality of life improvements that kind of spoiled me in that game.

Having said that, Generations should hopefully be a little friendlier for bite-sized play. So if you're on the move and in a bit of a rush, you can still get in a quick bout of Monster Hunting. There's also something very... comfortable about the low-res visuals. I'm reaching a point where I'm kind of sick of visuals taking precedent over gameplay, and it's refreshing to have a game that just knows what it wants to achieve and doesn't really care how it looks. There's even a certain beauty to the blocky visuals.

Dom Reseigh-Lincoln, reviewer

Well, we all knew this time would come. Telltale's The Walking Dead has reached its final season, so this weekend I'll be joining Clem as she concludes her heartfelt (and zombie-filled) odyssey. The first episode is almost here so expect my tear-filled (but spoiler-free) review next week.

With NBA 2K19 only a few weeks away, I'll still be throwing some three-pointers online before everyone makes the jump to this year's new instalment. It's frustrating Madden isn't getting the Switch treatment this year, but I'm sure 2K's long-running series can keep my undying love of bombastic American sports sated for the time being.

Jon Cousins, Japan correspondent

This weekend, I’ll be testing the theory that the Nintendo Switch is a portable PS3 by getting through some of my backlog! I’ll be going through Okami HD, Bayonetta and L.A. Noire, but I only own the last one on Switch! Sorry! I don’t think I paid more than 15 sheets for the three back in the day, so if I get back into them then I might give in to that portable goodness, and especially that sweet celestial brush touch control.

Ryan Craddock, staff writer

About a year ago I moved into a new house which has a nice little bit of loft space - a perfect little hideaway for a games room. I immediately threw all of my retro consoles (and newer Mini consoles) and games up there, set up two TV screens, and it all looks lovely, but it turns out that I hardly ever go up to play on them.

So, this weekend I'm thinking of bringing my SNES Mini back downstairs, plonking it on the big screen, and getting stuck into one of the many options available. I'm thinking either Donkey Kong Country, EarthBound, or Super Castlevania IV, although I do still have a run-through of DOOM on the go and I'll need to keep on top of my daily challenges in Fortnite as well. I say this pretty often, but I really wish there was more time in the day to play - there are far too many great games to choose from!

Dave Letcavage, contributing writer

King K. Rool has been announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He’s getting an amiibo. I’m beyond pumped about that. I’m also feeling nostalgic lately, reminiscing about the days my sister, neighborhood friends, and I spent sitting around my parents’ house playing video games for hours on end. For those reasons, I believe I’ll start another (I say “another” because this happens at least once a year) playthrough of the Donkey Kong Country series. But, because my enthusiasm for the first game isn’t quite the same as it is for the rest, I may start with Donkey Kong Country 2 and go from there. I haven’t decided yet.

Whoa. I just realized that, between 3DS and Switch, every game in the DKC series can now be played on a handheld device. Isn’t that convenient? Yep. Weekend sorted.

Gonçalo Lopes, contributing writer

The time has come for me to disappear from the face of the Earth, leaving behind some incredible, hard-working months at Nintendo Life that I'll cherish for the rest of my life. It's dangerous to go alone so I am making sure the Switch is packed along with my entire library of games - a luxury my very young self, making Game Boy Summer memories in the '90s, would never have believed possible. Octopath Traveler will continue (now on a daily schedule) but knowing myself I will probably be squeezing a lot of retro-gaming between the beach, sightseeing, music making and sleeping. I will see you all on the other side and leave with the words that became my life motto: Play Hard, Play Loud!

Richard Atkinson, contributing writer

One game that continues to remain securely snuggled in the Switch's card slot is a title that not only provides colourful carnage on a daily basis due to its online battles, but also inkredible amounts of rage. I'm looking at you, Bloblobber... The addition of the (horribly buffed, in my opinion) bucket of doom in Splatoon 2 is forcing me to try new weapons and lay the lovely Sploosh-O-Matic to one side, and what better time to do so. This weekend sees Europe taking part in another Splatfest with the teams choosing sides that are defined by your preference for how the precious time on holiday is spent.

I'm going for Team Relax, rather than Team Adventure, but no judging please; sitting by the pool with a well-earned beer while snooping around Hyrule for hidden Shrines counts as both, right?

Which games are you playing this weekend? (395 votes)

  1. Octopath Traveler19%
  2. WarioWare Gold4%
  3. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - Demo15%
  4. The Walking Dead: The Final Season  0%
  5. Okami HD8%
  6. Bayonetta2%
  7. L.A. Noire2%
  8. Donkey Kong Country2%
  9. EarthBound1%
  10. Super Castlevania IV2%
  11. DOOM5%
  12. Fortnite6%
  13. Donkey Kong Country 22%
  14. Splatoon 29%
  15. Something else (comment below)24%

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