XSEED Games has announced that Senran Kagura Reflexions, the upcoming Switch-exclusive entry to the adult-themed series, will launch on the console on 13th September.

This latest title is set to make use of the Switch's unique properties as much as possible, with the Joy-Con allowing fans to "get closer than ever" to the shinobi girls including Asuka of the Hanzō National Academy. Players will get 'hands-on', helping to massage away the girls' stress by employing the art of reflexology, deepening your relationship while progressing through a narrative experience with multiple endings. 

Asuka will give the player feedback through the HD rumble technology in each Joy-Con; the better players react to her signals, the closer they will become to her. Interacting with her in different ways will lead to branching story paths toward one of seven different situations and six unique endings - and that’s just for Asuka. Scenarios for fan-favourite characters Yumi, Murasaki, Ryōna, and Yomi will also be released over the weeks following the game’s launch as additional DLC.

We've included a new trailer below which naturally contains some adult-themed content (including a stranger-than-usual scene in which the player essentially cleans the poor girl with a lint roller).

The game will be priced at $9.99 (European pricing still to be confirmed) and is available to pre-purchase from the North American eShop as we speak.

Is this one going on your Switch game wishlist?