Amongst today's avalanche of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate news, courtesy of the Super Smash Bros. Direct, it has been revealed that the series' Classic mode will be alive and well in the game.

This single-player mode will throw players into battles against a series of fighters, with each fighter having their own set of stages and opponents that she or he will face. These fights will be presented in rounds, tasking the player with taking out a team of enemies - these screenshots below should help to give you an idea of how this will play out:

Classic Mode
Classic Mode

The single-player content has always been a hugely important part of the game for players, despite the series' multiplayer focus, and the news of its continued presence will no doubt please many fans. We'll have to see if any more details are shared for this mode as the months pass by.

Are you happy to see a single-player mode appear in the new Smash? Let us know down below.