Super Mario Party

Anyone planning to stock up on Switch Pro Controllers in preparation for the release of Super Mario Party might want to reconsider - with reporting the game won't support the alternative control method. 

This discovery follows the Nintendo reveal earlier this week Europe would be receiving a special Joy-Con bundle for the game. It will include a physical copy of Super Mario Party and a Neon Green/Neon Pink Joy-Con set. The bundle itself won't arrive until 23rd November, which is a while after game's release on 5th October. At this point in time, there's no word about the deal releasing in other regions.   

Considering the nature of the Mario Party series and the mini-games on offer in the latest version, isolating the game to a single control option - rather than multiple ones - is not a bad idea. In saying this, when you are holding a party, it won't be a matter of reaching for any controller in sight, as you'll now need exactly four Joy-Con on-hand.

With other series like Super Smash Bros. previously allowing you to use any controller you own, how do you feel about Mario Party limiting your choices? Would this stop you from playing? Would you like to see Nintendo eventually release a patch to make the game compatible with this control style - much like it has with other controllers in titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? Tell us below.