Publisher Sindie-cate Arts and developer Brainwash Gang have revealed Damnview: Built from Nothing - a brand new simulation sandbox game headed to Switch and other platforms in 2019.

Damnview: Built From Nothing is a game all about despair, the hostility of capitalism, and the need for seeking a better future. It examines western culture and its different social classes, mixing a dark and gritty world with Stardew Valley-like player tasks and interactions. The city itself takes on the role of a monster which can only be defeated with your life and hard work; you'll be working precarious jobs where you will either be absorbed into the system or cast out of society’s machine.

These jobs consist of things such as driving a cab, working in a video store, or even a laundromat, and you can smuggle all sorts of goods or drugs in the city's alleyways. Money you earn will go towards managing your income; you'll be building your home from scratch and attempting to maintain your lifestyle.

Featuring a rich city teeming with different social classes and cultures, players will discover the city through its people. Each character has their own story and the decisions you make in your relationships will help to determine how well you fare in the game.

● A vast, detailed sandbox city to explore – work your way up the class ladder as you forge relationships within the city.
● Discover a world teeming with interesting characters from all walks of life: each character has its own story and purposes, and each will lead you down a different path.
● Take on interesting jobs that present even more opportunities. Some good, some bad – the choice is yours. Drive a cab, work in a video store or a laundry, smuggle all sorts of goods or sell drugs in the alleyways. In this life you must do whatever you need to survive.
● Manage your income, build your home from nothing and try to maintain or improve your living situation and lifestyle – but be wary, breaking out of society's recurrent loops and defeating the capitalistic machine might cost you everything you have.

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